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Prof Dr G. Vidya Sagar
(Chairman - BTH)


It is my pleasure to learn about Mr. Pankaj and Saurabh Sharma's efforts in launching an educational website, This site is unique in its own accord. This website provides very useful information to every Biotech Professional in the country about various employment avenues, placement services, details regarding Pharmacy websites and literature survey regarding Pharma products and Pharma research activities.

At present there is no single website which provides all relevant details of Pharma Profession on a single platform.

This site fulfills this deficit by providing all relevant information under various categories and information regarding the colleges offering UG, PG and Doctoral Programmes in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

I am frequent visitor of this site since it provides useful information regarding Biotech practice and adverse reactions for Therapeutic agents and provides a Professional Forum for Pharmacists.

This website is being launched by Pharma Helpline Society, which is a non-profit organization and working for the Development and promotion of Biotech practices, Pharmacists and Biotech Students. This website provides its members who have registered with it all the information regarding various Health Educational programmes like AIDS screening, Yoga, Meditation, Hospital waste management and information regarding prevention of Blindness, prevention of Heart diseases, Asthma care etc.

The website is also useful for those who are interested in Quizes, Talk Shows and other awareness programmes. My sincere wishes for a successful launch of this website and I strongly believe that this step will go in a long way in improving the Health Care image for the people at large.

Best Wishes on the successful launch of the website.


Prof. Dr. G. Vidya Sagar
(M Pharm, PhD, PGDMM, DIH, FIC, FES)

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