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Professional Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management

Diploma Courses

PHS Announces on line courses for the overall development of pharmacy professionals and students.

These courses are specially designed and developed to fill the gap between present status of pharmacy curriculum and future requirements and prospects of the world of globalization in the field of pharmacy.

The quality of the study material is assured to be world class and highly specialized.

As we aware that our present curriculum is not sufficient to provide overall information on specific field of pharmacy where a pharmacist can stand with solid knowledge and can gain good remuneration other than a social and academic status.

Pharmacy field does not ends with D.Pharm, B.Pharm and M.Pharm but in professional terms, it starts with professional courses and sky is the limit.


To provide pharmaceutical specialization for professionals employed in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organization, research & development, academic institutions and for students.

To provide an in-depth knowledge & opportunity for skills development in pharmaceutical science & research.


Course Details

Principle & concept of Management

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Future aspect of New Product launch

Market Strategy

Media planning

Sales management

Business Communication in Pharma industry

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Marketing Management

Pharma Helpline Society’s Pharmaceutical Management Diploma Program provides students with a real-world understanding of the increasingly complex healthcare environment. Through a multidisciplinary focus shaped by innovative course offerings, complementary out-of-class activities, networking opportunities with industry leaders and career planning, the program offers a dynamic learning experience that is centered on the major issues in the healthcare industry. The program emphasizes critical thinking and encourages the development of new approaches to address the strategic, economic, competitive, technological and sociopolitical challenges facing this important sector.
Pharmaceutical Management Program allows students to cater their needs and career aspirations.

The Pharmaceutical Management Diploma Program offers students

    • A flexible, comprehensive and pragmatic array of Pharmaceutical courses
    • A career-focused approach to learning and professional development
    • A global perspective
    • An entrepreneurial mindset

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