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Professional Diploma in Recent Clinical Trials

Diploma Courses

PHS Announces on line courses for the overall development of pharmacy professionals and students.

These courses are specially designed and developed to fill the gap between present status of pharmacy curriculum and future requirements and prospects of the world of globalization in the field of pharmacy.

The quality of the study material is assured to be world class and highly specialized.

As we aware that our present curriculum is not sufficient to provide overall information on specific field of pharmacy where a pharmacist can stand with solid knowledge and can gain good remuneration other than a social and academic status.

Pharmacy field does not ends with D.Pharm, B.Pharm and M.Pharm but in professional terms, it starts with professional courses and sky is the limit.


To provide pharmaceutical specialization for professionals employed in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organization, research & development, academic institutions and for students.

To provide an in-depth knowledge & opportunity for skills development in pharmaceutical science & research.


Course Details

Clinical trial Regulation.

Overview & clinical strategies in regulatoryEnvironment.

Ethics in clinical research.

Recent Advances & Future Trend in Clinical Trials.

Clinical trials protocols.

Introduction of Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials is one of the developing sectors that have a lot of scope for talented and skilled professionals. Looking at this growing demand many top notch Clinical Research Institutes like PHS India offers a wide range of courses that prepares and trains the aspiring students to make them top the field of clinical trails and allied services.
Clinical trials are ideally a part of clinical research that involves the participation of patients with specific health conditions to take the clinical test of new drugs. In the process, the participants who are usually healthy volunteers receive financial in return for their contribution. Taking up a clinical research course from one of the renowned clinical research institutions is the first step to materializing your dream of a career in the industry.
A number of factors favour India as a clinical research hub. Firstly, there are numerous government-funded medical and pharmaceutical institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, which can serve as ideal centers for multi-centered clinical trials. Secondly, India boasts of well-trained and qualified manpower, well versed in English. More importantly, there is vast clinical material, which can be utilised.


Moreover, India being a land of diversity where Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy are practiced with the same fervour as allopathy, clinical studies for evaluation of various alternate systems of medicine can also be conducted with ease. Owing to this myriad of factors, India is attracting collaborative contract proposals for conducting clinical trials and many entrepreneurs have already come forward to set up their Clinical Research Organisations (CRO).




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